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Breaking down barriers in Education & Training with Digitalization & Technology

Digital transformation helps create a learning environment where everything is interconnected. The new technological combination aims to bridge all physical distances  to create learning experiences, while enhancing people’s engagement. However, digital transformation in education is not without its problems, such as guaranteeing equal access to technology, providing teachers and students with training and support, and ensuring cybersecurity in the digital environment. By combining its potential with seasoned experts in testing and evaluation both domestically and internationally, FPT IS has leveraged the new technology with scientific achievements in measurement and evaluation theories in education to launch a set of cutting-edge platform technology solutions for the first time in Vietnam. With the desire to build a learning society, we are at the forefront of utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Cloud computing, Big Data, AI/ML, Metaverse, etc. to break down barriers and fulfill the needs of individuals and organizations in terms of training and learning.

Education Innovation

FPT IS and its comprehensive digitalization solutions for the testing and evaluation process


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Build a flexible training model

Not restricted by time or location, an effective learning environment offers a multitude of support systems to enhance learning.

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Improve training quality

Apply  innovative teaching software and methods that align with current trends. Teaching quality is improved through the application of modern teaching methods and tools.


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Save time and money

Online training and testing methods help organizations save organizational and operational resources, which are also flexible in terms of time and format.


Why FPT IS is choosen

  • Cloud computing technology

    Clients can take advantage of the best possible service quality with the cloud computing platform, which comes with no upfront costs and no restrictions on the number of concurrent visits.

  • Personalize services based on client demands

    By tracking and personalizing the learning path for each student, educational institutions and management agencies can modify their services to fit the unique requirements of their operating model.

  • User-friendly interface

    The interface is friendly, the terminology is familiar to educators, users are taken step-by-step through the experience from basic to complicated, and the system has an abundance of support documents.

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  • Reporting & data analysis

    More than 20 pre-designed report templates using big data analysis technology enable students, teachers, and educational managers to effectively utilize their reliable data sources.

  • 24 x 7 x 365 support

    Perfect support service. Our experts are always there to support users at any time or location, regardless of the need or the communication channel.

  • Scalability, adaptability, and ease of integration

    Support connection and integration with all available systems and devices. Additionally, its modularity facilitates easy deployment and flexible expansion.


Comprehensive consultation on digital transformation

  • Examine the current situation and assess the degree of digital maturity
  • Consult on a digital transformation strategy
  • Create a comprehensive digital transformation roadmap
  •  Establish and run a digital transformation office
  • Instructions & training
  • Communicate at all levels
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Online education system for VioEdu students

  • AI-powered smart learning assistant
  • Personalized learning path
  • Diverse curriculum with the following subjects: Math, Vietnamese, English
  • Study anytime – anywhere – on any device

The teaching and learning system follow the EduNext social constructivism method

  • Content Management System CMS
  • Learning Management System LMS
  • Social Construction System SCS
  • Personalization Management System PMS
  • Network Management System NMS

Comprehensive digitalization platform for testing and evaluation –

  • Management of specialized exam questions
  • Question bank
  • Exam question management
  • Exam preparation
  • Exam organization
  • Reporting & analysis

Constructive learning system in the Meduverse virtual environment

  • Personalized learning
  • Explore and experience the virtual world
  • Make friends by interacting in groups.
  • Innovate
  • Use the metaverse platform for business

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Mr. Nguyen Quang Truong
Mr. Nguyen Ba Sang
Mr. Tran Hai Long
Ông Bae Seung Jun

Continuing the dream of uplifting Vietnamese agriculture, in the upcoming future, VINASEED aims to promote the transformation of the governance model to enhance flexibility and creativity, and enable quick response towards market and consumer changes. It is determined that investments into digital transformation will be prioritized with the purpose to comprehensively transform all operational aspects from business models, customer service, and work performance, as well as optimize resources and operational costs. We believe that FPT IS is a perfect and trusted partner to help us realize the goals in particular and the digital transformation journey in general.

- Mr. Nguyen Quang Truong

General Director, Vietnam National Seed Group JSC

The successful deployment of “RISE with SAP” marks a major milestone in An Gia’s digital transformation strategy, demonstrating the leadership’s persistence with the strategy in the context of economic fluctuations after Covid-19. The system delivers an optimal management platform, and in the future will help to open up breakthrough growth opportunities, thereby gradually turning An Gia into a leading real estate developer in Vietnam.

- Mr. Nguyen Ba Sang

Chairman, An Gia Real Estate Group

People are at the “heart” of the digital transformation journey of the city. Therefore, optimizing public services to the people is an important digital factor.


Hanoi’s information system for administrative procedure handling is considered the first gateway, connecting activities between the local authority and the people, therefore, special considerations are required in terms of the scale of population and public issues in Hanoi. In order to quickly put the system into operation and address the needs for public administrative procedure handling in Hanoi, the People’s Committee and the Department of Information and Communications of the city have coordinated with FPT IS to rapidly complete the system within just 45 days. Accordingly, the system has officially come into operation from April 11, 2023.

- Mr. Tran Hai Long

Ministry of Information and Communications

Shinhan Life rất vui khi có cơ hội được là đơn vị bảo hiểm nhân thọ tiên phong cùng FPT IS triển khai hệ sinh thái số toàn trình cho hoạt động kinh doanh tại Việt Nam. Với vị thế là đơn vị công nghệ thông tin hàng đầu Việt Nam, FPT IS mang lại cho chúng tôi nhiều kỳ vọng về hiệu quả của dự án trong việc chuẩn hóa toàn bộ quy trình nghiệp vụ, đào tạo, kết nối chặt chẽ các bộ phận kinh doanh, góp phần gia tăng trải nghiệm cho người dùng. Dựa trên những hoạt động thực tế thông qua nền tảng công nghệ này, cấp quản lý sẽ dễ dàng nắm bắt các hoạt động của đội ngũ và có thể đưa ra những quyết định nhanh chóng, chính xác.

- Ông Bae Seung Jun

Phó Tổng Giám đốc Shinhan Life Việt Nam

Bệnh viện Đa khoa quốc tế Hải Phòng – Vĩnh Bảo
Bệnh viện Đa khoa tỉnh Bắc Giang
Bệnh viện Đa khoa Đức Giang
Bệnh viện Quân y 105
Bệnh viện đa khoa Medlatec
Bệnh viện Quốc tế Sản Nhi Hải Phòng
Bệnh viện Đa khoa tỉnh Quảng Ninh

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With an ecosystem of over 300 digital solutions, we are confident in accompanying customers across all fields, providing comprehensive solutions for organizations from consultation to implementation.

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1 April, 2024

FPT IS met and discussed potential opportunities with the Canadian ICT Business Delegation

On the afternoon of March 29, the ICT Business Delegation of the Canadian Trade Delegation accompanying Canadian Minister of Economic Development, International Trade and Export Promotion Mary Ng visited the FPT IS office in Ho Chi Minh City. The purpose of the visit is to research Vietnam’s business market...
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