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An ecosystem of Public finance technology solutions striving for a modern and sustainable national digital finance system


Information Technology - A strategic component for building a digital finance ecosystem

In the context of the financial industry playing a leading role in driving the development of the digital economy, technology plays a unifying role across business operations in a fully digitized environment. Smart finance governs and develops the national digital economy. A digital finance industry ecosystem is established in which the government plays a bridging and connecting role with stakeholders through open data sharing and digital platforms to enable multiple parties to create smart financial services. FPT is honored to be trusted and successfully deploy pioneering core IT systems to drive digital transformation, providing strong support for major systems (General Department of Taxation, General Department of Customs, State Treasury, State Securities Commission), Department of Planning and Finance,… for over 29 years and in the future.


Proud to accompany the Public finance IT System

FPT is honored to have been entrusted with the successful deployment of core IT systems for the public finance sector, providing strong support for these systems over the past 29 years and for many years to come.


Accompanying towards a sustainable national finance system

FPT is honored to be trusted and to implement critical national information technology systems

Proactively embracing digital finance

Proud to accompany the nation in deploying government financial management information systems to meet the requirements of socio-economic development and international economic integration


With FPT's public financial technology ecosystem

  • 300+ projects

    Critical projects for the Ministry of Finance, General Department of Taxation, State Treasury, and General Department of Customs.
  • Main contractor

    Leading the implementation of most of the largest systems in Vietnam's financial sector: Unified communication infrastructure, Tax - Treasury - Finance - Customs connection system,...
  • Cutting-edge technology

    Ready to deploy the most modern public finance solutions in full force from FPT, from leading technology companies applying the latest technologies in the latest versions.
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  • Premium quality

    Proven capabilities through successful large-scale projects, demonstrating quality, helping to minimize risks, save time and costs, and ensuring global standard security.
  • Practical knowledge of Public Finance

    Partnering with and receiving guidance from national public finance experts for 29 years in implementing specialized solutions.
  • Flexible integration and expansion

    Seamlessly connects and integrates with any existing systems and devices. Modular design enables easy deployment and flexible expansion.


Deployment of the Ministry of Finance's IT system

Public Finance model

Deployment of the Tax Sector's IT System

Vietnam Taxation IT model

Deployment of the Customs Sector's IT System

Hai Quan Fpt Is

Deployment of the Treasury Sector's IT System

IT model of Vietnam State Treasury

Deployment of the Securities Sector's IT System

IT model on Vietnam Securities

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Proud to accompany the development of IT in the Finance sector


28 March, 2024

FPT IS provides ERP solutions designed particularly for the textile and garment industry in Vietnam

On March 27, 2024, Mr. Dinh Huu Hung – Deputy Software Delivery Director of Enterprise Sector (Senior Consulting Director of Corporate Governance) spoke on behalf of FPT IS at the thematic seminar “Seize opportunities: Embrace sustainability trends and optimize resource usage” at the Texfuture Vietnam 2024 – Spring-Summer exhibition....
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